Production company: Kempartner 

Ocean Rapssåpa /Rapeseed Oil Soap

Ocean Rape Soap is made from renewable raw materials such as rapeseed oil gives a fresh and pleasant scent after cleaning.
Cleaning of stone floors, stone stairways, vinyl flooring, untreated wood, oiled wooden floors, tiles, sanitary ware and to clean the owen.

This form of soap has been used for hundreds of years and has several exciting features. Even in the old days they used soap as cleaning, disinfection and protection of wood floors because the pH value together with its surface-active properties have a cleansing and disinfectant power.
The fatty acid of rapeseed oil soap contributes to grease them wooden floors.
Rape Soap can also be used for cleaning the teats of cows as well as cleaning and lubricating the pasterns of horses as well as pet shampoos.

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Rapssåpa 1,5 liter
Rapssåpa 5 liter