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Climate Neutral Product

Clean laundry gives dirty pollutions, that is the truth. All detergents consists of chemicals, but there is no chemicals that are good for the environment. In order to get clean clothes, we become a part of a chain of pollutions.

Production, transports and consumption of detergents leads to a chain of carbon dioxide emissions. ABout half of the carbon dioxide emissions is caused by our house holds. If everyone chose our detergent DubbelDryg that is the first climate neutral detergent in the world - we would save the environment from the impact of 16 000 000 kg of detergents  - Every Year!

Through the analysis of the product life cycle - from production to consumers - we have calculated the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases the detergent causes. What affects the environment most is transport. Therefore, we took the step to make the detergent even more economic and freight now only half as much detergent. We have also reduced energy consumption associated with production seen over the pack. This leads to halving carbon dioxide emissions, which also reduces the greenhouse effect by half.

Compensation is the last step in a systematic approach to environmental sustainability. In order to neutralize the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from the production and transportation of the detergent causes, cities Ocean projects around the world, leading to a corresponding smaller amount of emissions.

Press here to read more about the projects we participates in to get a climate neutral production.

Certificate for climate neutral production - Dubbeldryg

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