Production company: Kempartner 

Toalettpapper/ Toilet rolls

40312 Tork Toilet ljus40312 Tork Toilet ljus
40312 Tork Toilet ljus

Tork Advanced extra

69m med 24 rolls
40313 univ toiletpaper40313 univ toiletpaper
40313 univ toiletpaper

Tork Universal toalett

66m med 24 rolls
40314 Tork Toilet40314 Tork Toilet
40314 Tork Toilet

Tork Universal Toalett

100m with 24 rolls and a thin layer paper.
40318 prem toiletpaper40318 prem toiletpaper
40318 prem toiletpaper

Tork Premium Toalett

35m with 4 rolls and is extra soft.
40320 carry pack40320 carry pack
40320 carry pack

Tork Premium Soft

Interfold paper towels