Production company: Kempartner 


CSR-policy Of Kemibolaget, Kempartner and Ocean.

This CSR describes how we work with social responsibility and cherish our surroundings. An active responsibility for sustainable development is a prerequisite for Earth's survival.We want to play an important part of this work – now and in the future – for the next generation. It is important for us at Kemibolaget, Kempartner and Ocean that all of our employees are dedicated and willing to follow our policy. Follow-ups are made and reported in conjunction with the company's ISO audits. Knowledge, awareness and commitment to environmental issues is the foundation of our success with our CSR work.

  • Global responsibility – we and our suppliers shall live up to the demands of human rights, have good working conditions, to take distance from child labor and meet quality and environmental standards.
  • Safe products – we take full responsibility that our products are safe in all stages and will not harm people, animals or the environment.
  • A clear consciences – we only buy, manufacture and sell products that we are proud to represent and we only do business with suppliers and customers that we have confidence in and trust. 
  • Global responsibility - we and our suppliers to live up to the demands of human rights, good working conditions, to distance themselves from child labor and meet quality and environmental standards
  • Safe products - we take responsibility for our products in all areas are safe and do not harm people, animals and our environment.
  • a clear conscience - we buy, manufacture and sell only products that we can stand up and only do business with suppliers and customers that we have confidence.


  • We shall strive for an optimal effect with minimal impact on the environment in the life chain of the product. Our focus should be on environmental friendly product development and she should always be one step ahead of the authorities in this area. We don’t want to follow the standards from the authorities – we want to create the standards. Environmentally sound and efficient production with the lowest possible environmental impact and well educated staff should emphasize to our aspirations to sustainable development.
  • Sustainable assortment – we shall make it easy for the consumer to make climate – and environmentally friendly decisions. That is why our production is the firstclimate neutral chemistry production in the EU. We guess it doesn’t come as a shock that we developed the first climate neutral washing detergent – DubbelDryg. DubbelDryg cuts the co2 emissions with 50%, compared to other washing detergents.
  • Limited effect on the climate – we shall lower out use of fossil energy. The transportations of our goods shall be environmental friendly. Our use of electricity should be energy efficient and that is why we are partners in Falkenberg Energi and buy all our electricity from windmills. We also have high demands on the transportation companies, they need to have a environmental certificate and a plans on how to reduce the use of fuel.
  • Sustainable use of resources - we will manufacture products that are as environmentally friendly products possible. This also applies to all input materials we use in production and in sales.
Social responsibility

  • Happy employees and equality – We stand for fellowship, loyalty and respect – and we all shall respect our work and colleagues. We do not discriminate because of sex, religion, ethnicity and disability of any kind. We also believe in giving our employees the ability to person development and growth.
  • Humanity in business – we want our customers, suppliers and partners to be able to feel that they trust us and have confident in what we do. We want to create respect and confidence built on honesty.
  • Involvement in the community –we shall always be seen as a good partner to society that produces products that are good for the next generation.
  • Our code of conduct should be followed and respected by our suppliers.

Environmental projects:
We have different projects that supports:
  • Single moms in Etiopia.
    Since 2013 we have contributed with liquid detergent to a small village with single moms that put the detergent in bottles and sell it. Thanks to this, they can support themselves and send their children to school.
  • We plant trees in Africa in our climate compensation 2015. This project is sanctioned by the UN and controlled by RESPECT.
  • During 2012-2014 we invested climate compensation money to build a environmental friendly power plant in India.
  • We are proud sponsors of BRIS (Children’s right in society)