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Oxi Fläck&Blek 850g /Stain & Bleach powder 850 gr

- New formula, 60% more efficent

OCEAN Oxi Fläck&Blek is a effective stain & bleach powder. Use as a spot-solver on light and color solid items and get your whites shining white.
Activated already at 40 ° C. You can use Oxi Fläck&Blek together with all of Oceans detergents.

For whiter wash and spotless coloreds.
Make dingy and yellowed white wash white again and remove stains on your clothes without damaging the colors.
This addition, you can use along with the Ocean Dubbeldryg, Ocean Bastvätt or Ocean bastvätt liquid..   

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Oxi FloBl litenOxi FloBl liten
Oxi FloBl liten