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Produktindelningsymbol tvatt

Detergents and Softners

Have a look at the sortiment of detergents and softners.
You can find the climate neutral detegent Dubbeldryg and we also have 5 different softerns.

Produktindelningsymbol utomhusProduktindelningsymbol utomhus
Produktindelningsymbol utomhus

Outdoor detergents

Oceans outdoor series is a series of inputs with a clear profile for various cleaning problems outdoors or adjacent to the villa, window, car, etc.
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Produktindelningsymbol stad

Cleaning detergents

Our idea is that you only have to buy a trigger bottle one time from us. When the bottle with  the trigger is empty - you can buy a big bottle with the concentrate instead. This is good for the environment and you!

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Produktindelningsymbol papper

Toilet & paper for the house hold

When choosing Tork, you get more value for money as you can feel confident that the product has been developed in a responsible way.

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Produktindelningsymbol disk


Oceans counter products are well proven. Good efficiency combined with high environmental awareness.

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Produktindelningsymbol flac1


To download our product images click on the picture you want to open it up in a new window.
In case of any problems please contact us!

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Produktindelningsymbol hygien


Ocean hygiene consists of nourishing and restorative products with substances that give skin and hair life, luster and a velvety finish.

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Produktindelningsymbol flac


It is not always as easy as one could say to wash the clothes. Read out wash-guide and learn wich detergent to use for different types of stains.